Thursday, February 3, 2011

Feb. 03, 2011

34 days
816 hours
48,960 minutes
2,937,600 seconds
of hospital stay for Eric

Then the best present for my dad's b-day and the best words to Eric's ears was when the doctor told them he could go home today.

He arrived home safely, ate out for dinner for my dad's birthday and looks amazing! He said his total weight loss was about 80 pounds. He is still working to get more fluid off. He is very happy to be home and is so grateful for the prayers on his behalf. Maybe to give him something to do he can pick up and write about each day.

Again we thank each of you for everything!!


P.S. Tomorrow I will post a before and after photo of Eric.


  1. So glad to hear he is home. Can't wait to see the before and after pictures.

  2. AWESOME! Do we have to call you little E now? Stay tough and continue to follow doctors orders! Love you so much! Aunt Sue

  3. Hi Eric,
    So happy that you are home and seem to be doing so well. And on your Dad's birthday. I know he and your mom are some happy folks.
    Keep doing what you are told - it's only for your own good.
    I'm like Rebecca, I want to see those before and after pix.
    Hope to see you on Sunday.
    Love ya bunches .. Teresa
    Good job Kimberly, you're a sweetheart for doing this for us all.♥

  4. it is so good to hear you made it home!!!