Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Jan. 11th, 2011 Evening Update and Pictures

So I went by to see Eric around 5:00 this evening and found him like this...

He said it took all the energy he had to slide from the bed to the chair. The doctor came around while I was there and said that they would put him back on the drip of fluid medicine over night to help relieve him of more fluids. Eric asked if he could get up and walk a little and the Dr. said not now. He explained to Eric that his heart was still very weak and needed lots of recovery. He said they are just watching all of his vitals right now and taking one day at a time. He does not want to do anything to make the heart work more than with him just resting.

This news was not Eric's favorite. I am sure he just wants to be up and moving around so bad. But he still has lots of recovery to go. Hang in there Eric!!

To all his fans, thanks for everything!!

All our love!



  1. Hey big bad boy eric. what some folks will do for attention. seriously, did your dad ever give you my biggest baddest hug yet? I gave him one to give to you on sunday.so make sure you get it. i hope you know, i actually wrote you a letter the other day and josh left to go home, and said he would bring it to you...right. i just found it here last night. so obviously, you ain't getting that note any time soon. I would be up to visit you ,but I have a little cold still and that is not a good thing to bring to your room. I have to tell you, the fuzz on the face is pretty cool. I guess you won't be shaving that any time soon, eh? Eric, I really hope you know how much this family loves you and wishes you a speedy "get well" though having mom waiting on you can't be all bad! And dad! Be good, and tell Kimberly she is doing a fine job with the blog. way to go girlie. Be happy, smile and know we be thinking of you. hugs from our home to you. sista ruth and family

  2. hey big E I have been trying to keep up with your progress . It is good to see you up and in a chair I know that it is hard for you to lay around just make sure you don't over do it. If there is anything I can do for you please let me know you are in our prayers .

  3. Hey Eric, glad to hear things are improving. You are tough.... tough as what you say! LOL Im not very good at this computer stuff. Just wanted to know you are loved and though of often. Rebecca Jones