Thursday, January 20, 2011

Jan. 20th, 2011

No one ever wants to hear that they are being down graded, unless of course it means moving from an ICU room to a regular room on the heart floor.

Eric has a new room down the hall, new room #3718. It is the same building and same floor, just not in ICU. Hooray!!

He has been up walking around today and scared everyone cause he almost fell. One of his legs from the knee down went numb, they thought it was because he had not moved for such a long time. Just to be on the safe side they brought him back to the room, worked with him on some different stretches and coordination skills. Some of the stretches one side was doing well the other was not working right. So they took him down to do a CAT scan just make sure the brain was in good shape. The test came back good, so they believe it all comes down to not moving around lately.

Photos from my visit:

Swans-ganz catheter

We pray that his progress will continue and that he will be able to return back home soon. He still has lots of recovering to do but being home would be nice for everyone. No mention of doing that yet, but we will take a down grade in rooms for now.

Thanks for all the prayers! We see and feel the affects each and every day!!

All our love and thanks!



  1. YAY Eric!! That's great news. So glad to hear your making progress big guy.

    Miss and LUZ you !!

  2. Great to hear all of the uplifting reports. God is Good! Love Ya!


  3. Hey Big E! I no know you know da Hawaiian "chaka" sign. Since when you learn dat? So, you feel more betta? You still look like da same face. Not so pretty but still da same face (ha, ha). You need get betta soon so you can go "grind" at Mickey D's or maybe even Taco Bell. You know dat hospital food no good for one growing keikie like you. You need move off da tird flora and out da dora like "wiki wiki" bra. Keep on smiling, it no going broke your face.