Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Jan. 18th, 2011

The update today is coming straight from Eric's room. I came up for a few hours to visit and decided to get Eric's input on his update for today.

First he wanted me to let everyone know that his bum is sore, his new best friend is the TV remote, hospital beds are not made for six -four human beings, and pain meds/ambien are a great source of nutrients. :)

The doctors have told him that he just needs to continue to release fluids, and that they are just going to watch him for the rest of the week. His numbers are looking good and they are just going to see how his body will handle things for a little while.

At this time Eric is taking up offers on leg massages and scratching. His personal assistant (his mother) has been placed on this job assignment and would love the help of those with long fingernails.

Other than that Eric has been in good spirits while I have been here and I saw that good ole for- real smile and got him to laugh a few good times. Humor is always good for the soul.

He thanks everyone for their time, support, comments, and prayers. He says that each of you are a big help in coping with the situation.

All of our love and thanks!

Kimberly & Eric


  1. Glad to know you are doing better sorry to hear about your sore tail. lol keep up the good work of losing fluids and charming the nurses. Take care and come home soon. Thoughts love and prayers are with you.

  2. Well, it seems that things are finally going well. Eric's getting back his sense of humor. One thing I certainly agree on...morphine is wonderful but a good back scratch is better. Been there and done that. As for being too big for the bed...well...if he were normal size, like the rest of us five feet six inch normal men are, then he wouldn't have that problem:) Have Eric ask the doctors if they have any of that shrinking elixir like Alice from "Alice In Wonderland" drank. That should help with the beds being too small. Keep the faith Eric.

  3. Prayers are answered. We thank God for healing and for Eric's stong faith during this storm in his life. God will bring you through this valley and you will shine like a star. Love you Eric, George, Cathy, Kimberly and all the family. Hang in, God is not going to let go. Johnny & Marguerite