Monday, January 17, 2011

Jan. 17th, 2011

This update will be short and sweet.

Eric seemed to be doing well today. He was able to get rid of about 6 liters of fluid today. Yep, that's "3" two liter bottles of urine. Pretty amazing that he has any fluid left. But they are cutting back on the meds. since they don't want him to continue to loose that much fluid so quickly.

His bum is a bit sore, Eric claims it was from the uncomfortable ambulance ride from Greenville to Chapel Hill. I would also add that sitting for 17 days straight in a hospital could make ones tushy a little on the sore side as well.

That's all the juicy details that I know right now.

All the best.



  1. oh eric. i do hope you feel better soon. i want to see those sweet dance moves again.!!! you are in my prayers and i hope your bum feels better :) love ya erica fly

  2. I am so happy that Eric seems stable and I hope he's experiencing good pain management. My hubby, John, being the 17 year ICU RN and now Nurse Anesthetist that he is, wants to be there and watch everything and help out. :) We are wondering why the doctors have not seen fit to put a chest tube in to allow the fluid depletion. That's standard of care here in Florida at UF. My personal belief, being the diehard Tarheel I am, is that UNC knows more than these Gators do down here. But we are quite curious and I'm overjoyed that his spirits are good.