Sunday, January 16, 2011

Jan. 16th, 2011

I must first apologize to all UNC fans. When I posted a couple of days ago I mentioned "Rory Williams" whom I thought was the UNC-Chapel Hill basket ball coach. I was informed by my second proof-reader (one who obviously knows more about sports, more than my first proof-reader or I do) that he was "Roy" not "Rory".

Now on to the topic at hand.

Eric has seemed to have a good day. He had a few visitors, was told he could eat sweet tarts, star-bursts, and chew on gum. His liquids have been put back on restriction due to the fluid that has built up again, but the meds. seemed to help release a good amount of fluid today.

The doctors are pleased with the numbers they are getting from his catheter and arterial line, and he has been put on a 24- 48 hour watch to kind of see what the next step should be. When I hear he has been put on a watch I kind of laugh because he is being watched like a hawk 24/7 anyway. But I guess they take those readings from a period of time to see how his body is reacting to meds. Again, more wait and see what will happen next.

When he was admitted to UNC they wanted to reinsert the swans-ganz catheter in the same area that he had the previous one on the right side of the neck, but were unable to do so. They ran a Doppler over the area today and found the weather to be a bit foggy :). It also showed a blood clot, which they have upped his blood thinning meds. to help clear this up and will keep an eye on it.

The nurses have taken right to Eric's charm, and he was even adopted by one of them today. They have told my parents that Eric's main physician is great, and he is consulting with the top doctor that they have on staff to treat Eric. We are truly grateful for those prayers to have been answered to receive the best care possible. The team of doctors are concerned for Eric's health and have assured him that they are doing all they can to get his heart back to normal. If they see that his heart can't do this alone they have devices to help take care of the heart if it comes to that. This is one of the main reasons the doctor from Pitt wanted him to be at UNC.

I have made a bit of a change to the blog in the comment section, if you are not a member and did not want to sign up to be a member you can now leave comments and you will be listed as anonymous so be sure to leave your name or family's name at the bottom of your comment.

Thanks again for everything!



  1. We are all thinking of your guys each and everyday. You are all in our prayers and we love you very much!!! Eric hang in there I know it has to be hard but the Lord will see you through!! Love you guys The Wetherington's

  2. Kimberly thanks again for doing this for us.
    Eric it sounds like you have the nursing staff wrapped around your finger up there. Even though it's UNC (ouch that hurt to type!! really) territory we'll find it one of these days and try to come up for a visit.
    You do have a long row ahead of you but we know with the Lord you can plow it down and get to the other end well and happy. Just hang in there.
    We love you and you are in our prayers...The Van Winkle Family

  3. Kimberly, you are doing an awesome job on the updates! Eric, it was great to see you yesterday with the rest of the family and see how everyone loves you instantly. Your physical heart may need extra love and rest, but your heart shines through to all who meet you in the hospital. Love and prayers, Becky

  4. Kimberly, thanks so much for doing this blog to help us keep up with Eric. We think the world of Eric,you and the family. Eric, there is no one like you. You are a big lump of love and your personality hit it off with my son, Justin. You are in our prayers constantly. We love you and want you to know that you are not alone; the Lord is right there with you as well as all of your family and friends. Love always, the Howell's - Lavaron, Hailey, Justin, and Ricky.

  5. We have tried to sign up and send messages;however,something was not right. Hope this will enable us to let you know that we have been and will continue to pray believing for God's great miracle healing. Eric, Keep the faith, looking up to the great Physician. May God grant extra strenght to George and Cathy as you stand by Eric. Kimberly, thank you for all the update messages. Love you all! Johnny & Marguerite