Saturday, January 8, 2011

Jan. 8th, 2011

The beginning of the week Eric had a swan-ganz catheter put in to monitor his stats directly from his heart. Today they went in and switched out some tubes and seem to be getting a better reading from doing this. Poor kid just keeps getting poked and prodded.

As the doctors made their rounds today they seemed to be pleased with Eric's numbers. When we refer to his numbers they are looking at his heart rate, Blood Pressure, in/out take of blood to his heart, oxygen etc. Over the next couple of days they will continue to watch these numbers and continue to have him on a slow drip of medicine that will lower his heart rate. Once it is where the doctors want it to be they will stop some of the machines to see how his heart works on its own. So again the process is a bit slow, but we seem to be moving forward instead of back. Slow and steady wins the race.

This may come as a shock to some but Eric has only been eating about two -three mouth fulls of food at each meal. But today he ate all of his chicken sandwich so he seems to be getting a bit of an appetite back. :)

We thank everyone for keeping up with the blog and for making comments. Eric seems to be in better spirits today than yesterday.

All our thanks and love to each of you.



  1. Eric,
    So glad to hear you are a little better today. We have been praying fervently for you everyday. Your 2nd Daddy has prayed a lot for you as he has laid awake and worried...(for real)! Let us know what toys you need and we will get them to you! Kimberly, thanks for the daily info...maybe it will keep us from worrying Cathy and George to death. Cathy and George PLEASE call us for ANYTHING you need...and you know we mean it. We love you all. Prissy & Jeff Hill family

  2. Seeing you smile today was the best! Hang in there and no free peep shows to the workers up there. Love Aunt Sue

  3. Eric,
    Okay, three strikes and I'm out. This is the third time I have tried leaving you a message to encourage you. We are praying for you and added you to our church prayer list earlier this week. We will come to see you when you can take visitors and your heart is happy and rested. Mikey is staying with us and has asked about you everyday. We look forward to seeing you soon, Love, Becky and family

  4. Eric,

    Thanks for keeping us all a breast as to your status. Know that everyone in K1 have you in their prayers. If I were you I'd be sure to stay in the hospital for at least a few more days. We've got bad weather coming in again so you're better off where you are.

    Oh, and don't watch too much football. It can be bad for your health. Especially if a team you're pulling for looses.

    If your Mom or Dad need anything just have them let someone know. The word will get out and before you know it, they will more Dunkin' Doughnuts than they can eat in a month!


  5. Eric,
    I wish you the best and a speedy recovery. I know with your priesthhod blessing and your faith that you will be heeled. You are in my daily prayers.

    Amber Daw

  6. Oops, sorry, healed, not neeled. :')