Friday, January 14, 2011

Jan. 14, 2011

Well folks the news has just been released... Rory Williams from UNC Chapel Hill has requested to recruit Eric. :)

Okay, maybe Rory Williams had nothing to do with it, but Eric will be leaving Pitt Memorial Hospital tonight Friday Jan. 14th, 2011 and will be transported to UNC. His cardiologist said that Eric was doing better and he did not want to make this decision and we think things are worse. So that is good news. He knows that they can assist Eric better for the condition that he is in now. He is stable and doing better than when he arrived here at the Heart Center. The doctor said he was doing this to take a pro-active approach to get Eric better. They have a great team of doctors there to help Eric and his condition.

Eric seemed to be a little upset at first about it, but the doctor came back around and reassured Eric he was doing this to get Eric well, not because things had gotten worse.

To Eric's doctors/ and nurses here at the Heart Center: We could not have asked for better care and support. His main doctor has been very upfront and concern for Eric and his well being. He stopped by to say goodbye and told Eric he wanted to see him when he got well, for him to just come by and say Hello!

We are so grateful for the insight of the dr. and his desire to help Eric get well.

Again we thank you all!

Please keep him in your prayers!

I guess for a little while we will support the light blue colors.

All our love!



  1. Just read about the big move to Chapel Hill. Hope all went well and that Eric is comfortable and receiving the latest and greatest meds and care.
    We are praying for out Gentle Giant.

    Love to you all!!

  2. Excited to hear Eric is doing better!
    Concerned greatly about donning light blue and being in tarheel country.
    (I tease)
    I am sure he will receive wonderful care in Chapel Hill and I have no doubt they will have him home again soon.
    Please know that he is in our daily thoughts and prayers.
    Love to you all,
    Chad, Wendi, Chase, Claire and Cole Howard

  3. A little Carolins Blue Never hurt anyone!! Heavenly Father is watching over and taking care of you. We love you and pray for you and your Family each and every day!!

    The Wetherington's

  4. Hey cuz, I know you are in the best hands possible. If they can keep me going. then you will have not prob. Sorry i did not get to see you before you left Greenville, But now you have given me a reason to vist. ( it will be like a home comming lol) take care and come home soon. Rember when you say your prayers while you are there to end them with GO HEELS AMEN. love and praying for you. Cuz.

  5. He needs to be wherever the doctors say as long as he's getting the best care. We hate that he's going to be so far away but maybe we can get up there to see you soon.
    Do what the doctors say and with your faith, the faith of your family and all of us who love you; you will be home sooner than you think.
    We love you Eric and thanks Kimberly for doing this for all of us. ♥